There are many different types of leaf protection available on the market today.  Choosing the right leaf protection may be difficult for homeowners. At Simply Seamless Gutters we try to simplify the choices and match customers with the best system for their home. Having the knowledge and experience of installing thousands of feet of various products we have been able to determine what we feel works best given your unique situation



-Our most preferred style of leaf protection lays flat in the gutter and has thousands of tiny holes to allow the water through.  It is generally the most versatile system we offer as it can be used in almost any situation.  This type is also the most aestheticly pleasing, as it is nearly invisible from the ground. Another benefit of this leaf guard is it does not interfere with the roof in any way. 








Many people underestimate the importance of gutter maintenance in their homes. Gutters are designed to protect the house by catching the rain runoff from the roof. These metal tubes will then guide the rain down the length of the system towards the drainage located on the ground. This way, the water will not run down your house, keeping you and your family dry during rainy days. But if the gutters are clogged, deteriorating, or damaged, your home will not be completely protected from the rain. If the gutters are not maintained properly, many problems may arise. You might end up spending a lot to repair bigger damages.  


We offer cleaning services to unclog the gutters from debris such as leaves and twigs. Gutters can be easily clogged by falling leaves and other small objects, like tennis balls, plastics, and even stones. When this happens, the waterway will be congested, barring the water from flowing easily. If left unchecked for several years, the clogged gutters can create further damage to the entire gutter system. The best way to avoid this is by having us clean out the gutters or install a leaf guard.  Annual or biannual leaf cleanings can be scheduled so that your gutters are taken care of at the most critical times of the year.


Other Maintenance

Other types of gutter maintenance includes making sure gutters are properly pitched so water runs downhill and does not pool up, ensuring the elbow joints and other seams are in good order, and retightening of older or loose gutters. Call us to take care of all your service needs! If they can be repaired, we can do it! If they can't we'll give you a price to replace them and add beauty and function to your home.